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Discover Effective Coach: the modular development tool that enhances team performance and provides valuable feedback to coaches. We offer secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions to unlock your team's winning potential.

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Effective coach solutions

Effective Approach

What can Effective provide your team, to support development.

SaaS Offering

Secure, easy to use low cost productised SaaS offering, administered by YOU.

Leadership Development

All coaches to develop plans by themselves and with the assistant of a manager or mentor.

Life Balance Coaching

Onboarding tools to align people to your competency framework.

Customisable Framework

Work with us to define competency frameworks based on your four quadrants.

Crowd Sourced Best Practice

Identify, share and promote crowd sourced best practises from the wider team.

L&D Based on 70/20/10 Rule

Learning and development built in with 70/20/10 rule.

Promote Mentorship

Promote mentorship, and innovation through platform, reinforcing coaching and learning culture.

Structured Conversations

Promote structured conversations allowing for productive business reviews between coaches and coachees.

180° Feedback

Survey coachees and provide feedback to coaches to better understand areas for improvement.

Easy to use Modular Solution

With effective you have the ability to enhance your teams ability to succeed.

Effective at work, examples of how easy it is to use Effective for your team
Effective provides a solutions that covers the entire learning model, not just the 70%

70 20 10

Our approach embodies the full 70 20 10 learning model: emphasising experiential learning (70%), nurturing collaboration (20%), and integrating structured interventions (10%) for comprehensive individual growth and development.
Empower your team to be independent and create frameworks either with or without guidance.

Empower your team.

Empower coaches to create plans independently or with guidance from mentors and managers. Define competency frameworks based on your unique four quadrants, then utilise our onboarding tools to align your team with your competency framework.
Progressive crowd sourced solutions, both from within you company and across the industry.

Crowd source solutions.

Tap into crowd-sourced best practices, foster mentorship, and drive innovation. Promote structured conversations for productive business reviews. Survey coachees for valuable insights, enabling coaches to improve.

Pick Your Solution

With our modular solution, whether you choose a stand alone option or the entire suite, Effective will provide you with the results to give your team a winning solution.

S.M.A.R.T Coaching

SMART Coaching

Upskill your team through 1:1 coaching. Change the culture and embed new strategies.
Peer mentoring

Peer Mentoring

An improvisation game to prepare your sales team to face and win any customer scenario.
Career Growth

Career Growth

Growing and retaining your team through a simple career journey planner.
Progress of a client through training module

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